4 years of One Direction…
Are you okay? Cause I’m not okay.

me reading fanfiction: THEY GON FUCK
me reading a long fanfiction: WHEN THEY GUN FUCK

Does it involve the butter sock

Jesy Louise Nelson 


how many r’s?

Leigh-Anne Pinnock  -


Honest Trailers - Divergent (x)

4 years.



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the boys sleeping together on a trampoline is the cutest thing ever ok

this has been on so many hipster blogs

they’ll never know 


i remember last year there was so much anticipation for the 1D three year anniversary and people were talking about it for like a month beforehand but this year we’re just like oH SHIT it is TOMORROW


if i was dating a band member id probably still blog about them





I forget that 5SOS has more fans than just the people who I know on tumblr and that’s weird… Like, when did they become famous and where have I been? 

This is hitting me right now… Like 5sos was on national television and I just don’t know how this all happened

We’re not gonna be able to say 5 seconds of summer to someone and they go “who’s that” anymore

This though